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(in thousands)     
Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities 
Net income 38,94548,21552,96254,09737,476
Adjustments to reconcile net income to net cash provided by operating activities 
Accretion and amortization 728(11,294)(4,654)(4,589)436
Provision for loan losses 6,3756,8484,0546,9883,093
Depreciation of premises and equipment 4,6055,7576,0876,0884,719
Deferred income tax expense 2,5304,6864,5856,6273,998
Net periodic employee benefit cost 521903500836386
Realized investment securities gains (1,530)(764)(1,156)(2,130)(3,978)
Net investment securities impairment losses 576NANANANA
Investment securities impairment losses NANANANA465
Stock-compensation expense 1,0831,2821,5351,7931,606
Proceeds from bank-owned life insurance NA005710
Increase in value of bank-owned life insurance (2,940)(3,211)(3,069)(3,374)(2,374)
Loans originated for sale (44,032)(23,280)(8,763)(17,849)(11,537)
Proceeds from the sale of loans originated for sale 42,32427,8308,31918,66811,637
Gain on sale of loans (960)(608)(187)(367)(268)
Gain on sale of insurance division NA00(11,084)0
Change in accrued interest receivable 8521,22040(375)(554)
Asset write down NANANANA444
Change in other assets 2,16322,497(8,262)473(14,068)
Change in other liabilities 2,575(4,188)1,363(8,478)16,338
Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities 53,81575,89353,35447,89547,819
Net Cash Used in Investing Activities 
Proceeds from sales of securities available-for-sale 27,47119,2106,71438930,850
Proceeds from maturities and calls of securities available-for-sale 145,09791,09648,98355,72655,565
Proceeds from maturities and calls of securities held-to-maturity 10,40210,2236,50113,1919,194
Purchases of securities available-for-sale (171,200)(80,778)(31,295)(175,271)(141,271)
Purchases of securities held-to-maturity 00(10,226)(10,392)NA
Net increase in loans (102,802)(83,962)(43,714)(100,130)(96,007)
Purchases of premises and equipment (7,509)(7,476)(2,323)(3,014)(3,553)
Disposals of premises and equipment NA854649141408
Proceeds from sale of insurance division NA0015,2500
Acquisition of American Founders Bank, Inc., including cash acquired NA0020,030NA
Acquisition of Community Financial Corporation, net of cash acquired 0(21,853)00NA
Net Cash Used in Investing Activities (78,269)(72,686)(24,711)(184,080)(144,814)
Acquisition of Virginia Savings Bancorp, Inc., net of cash acquired of $24,943 20,272NANANANA
Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Financing Activities 
Net increase (decrease) in non-interest-bearing deposits 49,14620,42352,23752,23048,792
Net increase (decrease) in interest-bearing deposits 16,388(26,450)36,20318,54446,963
Net increase in short-term borrowings (74,404)23,153(2,867)14,78024,515
Purchases of treasury stock (7,915)0(27,957)(7,055)(10,018)
Proceeds from exercise of stock options, net of tax benefit 5443,4275802,979705
Proceeds from exercise of warrants NA001,8960
Dividends paid (20,710)(22,878)(24,487)(25,304)(19,266)
Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Financing Activities (36,951)(2,325)33,70958,07091,691
Decrease in Cash and Cash Equivalents (61,405)88262,352(78,115)(5,304)
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of period 146,39984,99485,876148,22870,113
Cash and Cash Equivalents at End of Period 84,99485,876148,22870,11364,809

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